The Dwarven Mine

Into the uncharted depths

This adventure begins when the party crosses a bridge into the unexplored part of the Dwarven complex. The hallway they traverse slowly transitions into rough-cut stone supported by pillars of granite every 20 feet or so flanking the passage. The first branch off of the main tunnel was a small room where ore was extracted and was filled with undead. The Second branch also contained undead and a bound prisoner. The prisoner, a Goliath named Orin, was captured by the Orks and was to be held here until the next full moon when the Ork Shaman planned to sacrifice him to Grummsh. Orin knew very little about the layout of the mine other than the first few branches of the tunnels were filled with undead to slow down any attackers. At the third branching tunnel a secret door was discovered opposite the tunnel opening. When the party entered they discovered a sort of barracks or guardroom used by the dwarves with a fountain, some beds, 2 casks of mead and a clockwork statue. The statue is carved with dwarven and primordial runes and is covered in dust an inch or more thick. After cleaning the statue Natul and Trig conclude that it is a dormant Warforged. Natul asks Orin to use the lightning effect of his scourge to jumpstart the warforged. After a few minutes of running diagnostics the warforged whirs to life, brandishing a gatling blaster that is attached to its left arm and a greatsword wielded in its right hand. The warforged identifies itself as Korgoth and demands that the party members identify themselves and explain why they are in the dwarven mine. After explaining why the party is there and who the current occupants of the mine are, Korgoth asks the party to assist him in exterminating the Orks that have defiled the mine. The party, now 2 warriors stronger, crosses the hall and soundly defeats the largest group of undead thus far. They also realize that the sound of such a large battle will no doubt alert the Orks deaper in the mine.



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