Orc troubles

Escalant, Aglarond

Upon arriving by ship in Escalant from Mordulkin, the party attempts to find work as caravan guards to Ethvale in Thesk. The party learns of a group of unusually crafty orcs that have been preying upon caravans and seem to disappear. A local thief claims to know the location of the orc hideout and agrees to take the party for a fee of 100 gold. The party agrees and follows the thief, a human by the name of Targan, to the concealed entrance of a cave complex that stretches an unknown distance under the Thaymount. Before entering the cave, the party is ambushed by a pair of orc archers that were hiding above the cave opening. The archers were supported by a pair of orc berserkers hiding inside the cave. When the Pcs began to turn the tables on the orcs, Targan betrayed them by shooting Faleth in the back. The party triumphed over the orcs and Targan and, after a short rest and looting of corpses, continued into the cave.

Interior details to be added soon, almost caught up to where we left off.



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