The long war with Darkness has ended. After 36 millennia the time to rebuild is at hand.

In the beginning there was chaos, an endless roiling sea of formless matter and in this sea there was Darkness. From Darkness there came the Primordials, beings of godlike power that began to shape the chaos into twisted creatures to serve them. In a flash of light the Overgod appeared, giving form and substance to the planes and worlds of the multiverse. The Overgod created the gods in his image so that they may govern his creations. Darkness was angered that the Overgod would bind the chaos into static forms and so began the War of Creation. The Primordials and the Gods destroyed many worlds during their battles. When it seemed that all of creation would be lost, the Overgod returned and banished the Primordials to a parallell dimension and comanded the Gods to rebuild the multiverse. To aid them in their task the Gods each created followers and they combined their powers to create the mortal creatures of the multiverse. When the Overgod returned he was pleased and created a new realm above creation in which the Gods and their immortal followers would reside and watch over creation. Many centuries passed, Gods fell and mortals ascended to Godhood. The Gods amused themselves with petty machinations against one another and so it was that they did not realize the threat from a Devil that ascended to Godhood and took on the mantle of Darkness.

Darkness was patient and cunning as he gained in power, careful to never let the other Gods discover his terrible secret. Darkness was no Devil before ascending, the Gods would find out too late that he was truly Darkness, first among the Primordials.

The Time of Troubles reshaped the pantheon once again and the Overgod made the Gods dependant on their worshipers for power. Darkness took this opportunity to goad Cyric into testing the limits of this new dynamic. Cyric resorted to lies and trickery as well as the murder and absorbtion of other Gods in order to swell the ranks of his “followers”, in this way Cyric was able to ascend to become nearly equal in power to the Overgod. Cyric was brash and boastful and ultimately fell victim to the manipulation of the other gods, losing much of his power in the process. Darkness however learned that by gaining followers, weather they were truly aware of their actions or not, he could increase his power. And so it came to pass that Darkness was able to use magic, psionics and life-shaping to create a virus that infected the host creature and reshaped it into a creature of chaos and evil under the command of Darkness. In this way Darkness was able to infect whole worlds and quickly became powerful enough to challenge the combined might of the Overgod and all of his children.

While Darkness prepared for his conquest a small group of his followers, the Tiefling Wizard Malestic, the human Psionic Pinky and others began to break free of Dakness’ influence. Malestic journeyed to Baator in search of his father, rumored to be a powerful Gelugon Lord only to find that he was born of Pit Fiend stock and his father was the first among the Dark Eight. Though his father was evil, his goal was the same and in order to destroy Darkness he gave his son the key to finding a temple, ancient even to the Gods, where Malestic would take the first step towards becoming a God himself. Malestic and his friends travelled to Gehenna to a temple of light on a wartorn plain. There he was cleansed of the evil taint in his blood and found new power and a new beginning as an immortal, he would henceforth be known as Khain and in his rebirth he would become the Bane of Gods.

Using his newfound power to absorb the memories, skills and powers of slain foes, Khain discovered the location of the Nether Scrolls on Toril, with the scrolls he would be able to create a weapon to slay Gods. Using the new magics of the Scrolls they travelled back in time to find the greatest swordsmith to ever live. The smith created a Katana and poured his very soul into the creation. Even before enchanting, the weapon would give it’s wielder the insight and skill of a grand master in the use of the blade. Once enchanted the blades edge was so fine it was said that it could cut the thread that binds a soul to the body. This weapon would be known as Godslayer. The first to fall by this blade was Heaphestus, God of the forge. Next to fall was the god

The next order of business was to use his lifeshaping powers to create a race of creatures immune to the Plague that would be a self sustaining invasion force to be used against worlds that could not be saved

With the power of Heaphestus and the Nether Scroll of Artifice, Khain was able to create sentient machines that were immune to the effects of Darkness’ Plague. Khain sent these machines to many worlds, using Sigil as a waystation to spread the machines across the planes. Once activated the machines would attempt to destroy all life on their destination world in order to remove any Plagued creatures as well as anything that could later be infected.